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Our Vision

Help professionals make quality decisions by providing insights gathered through creative new ways

Our Mission

Use expertise at the intersection of AI, Information Technology and Business Management to provide quality research insights for various Businesses

Our Story

Today, it is a priority for any Brand to know the facts and insights about the market, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This helps them understand how their business and categories are performing and viewed by consumers. This is redefining the decision making process and the Leaders cannot afford to stay in the grey about what's happening on the E-commerce and Digital channel that is driving consumer decision journey, influencing brand imagery & creating foot-falls being converted into market share.

We strive to help Brands make quality decisions in the era of AI, Digital and Innovation. To achieve this, we have been using our expertise at the intersection of AI, Information Technology and Business Management to build and offer next-gen services helping reshape Decision Making. Today instead of looking at pre-designed live dashboards, you can simply ask your own questions at a ChatGPT-styled AI interface with quick and precise answers.


Traditional ways of getting marketing insights, developing success strategies and decision making are less relevant in today’s context - where AI is enabling data gathering, cleaning, crunching and analysis. At the same time, E-commerce has grown significantly and is now able to provide real time updates on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This is enabling reliable, actionable and just-in-time access to trends and insights helping in the overall Decision Making process.

Our Leadership and Advisory team brings in vast experience from varied industries and functions. 


Head of Channel Development for a Tier 1 product brand headquartered in the Netherlands with a USD 1 Billion India revenue, Director Marketing for a Tier 1 Services Brand headquartered in the United Kingdom with a USD 500 Million India revenue, Chief of Engineering at an E-commerce startup, Engineering Manager at one of the Top 5 Information Technology Companies, Product Manager at one of the world's top Electronics company, Head of Product Planning for a top Electronics Brand in India, Human Resources Manager at an IT outsourcing company...


are important roles our leadership team have done justice to before diving to create Yohoquest Research


The team frequently takes advice from experts who hold senior leadership positions in reputed firms and organizations worldwide.

Experienced Leadership

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