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A brand can not afford to ignore this Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Top-page Search Visibility on an E-commerce platform provides insights that you can not overlook.

In the physical retail channel, we use the phrase - Jo Dikhta Hai Woh Bikta Hai. It translates into - you are more likely to buy something which you see more often. Product managers usually track Display Shares at retail outlets to track their brand's performance due to this behavior of the consumers.

In the online retail channel, Search Visibility influences how likely a consumer is to buy the brand. Search Visibility is the analog of Display Share for the E-commerce channel.

In the image, we see the top page Search Visibility for the keyword 'Television' on an E-commerce platform in India. For simplicity, we took data of only the top seven brands. When we look at Search Visibility over the past 365 days, we see clear insights.

Daily Top-page Search Visibility for seven brands in Television category for an E-commerce platform in India

Xiaomi's Top-page Search Visibility is the highest and has increased every few months. Realme's Search Visibility started at the time of its launch and has remained consistent since then.

Vu and Thomson have lost their Top-page Search Visibility in the past year. Samsung and LG have gained their Search Visibility in the past year.

Television industry experts and brand managers know better how to interpret this trend in the context of the emerging television market in India.

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