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A look at best selling brands across diverse categories on Flipkart during the 2022 Big Billion Days

Flipkart's Big Billion Days is now an established annual event for consumers, sellers, brands, manufacturers and others in the value chain. Everyone looks forward to this event from their own perspective to get some kind of benefit.

The competing e-commerce platforms tried to establish their own similar events, however over the last couple of years it is now a norm for all platforms to run their own promotional events overlapping Flipkart's Big Billion Days.

During these days Flipkart is known to break its own records in terms of shipments and in terms of deals offered to consumers. This is also the occasion for new categories, brands to be introduced to the consumers.

The continuous success of Big Billion Days since its coming into being, has forced even those brands who were reluctant to open up to E-commerce channel, to embrace the channel during the event.

While many brands do not yet follow "Always On" strategy on E-commerce, the trend is changing with time. Let's look at the top brands of 2022 Big Billion Days across some diverse categories.

Top 3 Best Sellers BBD Diverse Categories 2022

Some of the important brands are missing in this list - for instance Hawkins in Pressure Cookers, Engage in Men Deodorants, Timex and Titan in Smart Watch. Similarly some new names have entered some categories - like Kadio in Wall Clocks, Mama Earth in Baby Shampoo, GreenChef in Pressure Cookers, Kreme in Pans.

Clearly Big Billion Days has provided platform to new brands to establish themselves and for existing brands to embrace the new ways of reaching the consumer.

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