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Higher brand equity doesn't always mean higher Revenues

In the mind of the Indian consumer LG probably is the biggest brand in Home Appliances. When buying Televisions, Indian consumers will probably rank Sony higher than Samsung. And while buying Air Conditioners, Voltas ranks highest in the minds of the consumers. Havells is generally associated with better quality and higher after-sales service standards. Philips brand is known to sell quality products that make life easier.

The Consumer Electronics market in India is a complex mix of brands, products, and consumer preferences. Therefore, it's hard to guess how the brands rank in terms of revenue.

Samsung's revenue in India is almost five times that of LG. Chinese companies' share-of-revenue is 37% and, Korean companies' share-of-revenue is 28%. Companies from America and Europe control 15% of the consumer electronics revenue in India. Indian companies' share-of-revenue is 15%. While some brands are generating more revenues given their brand equity, others have not been able to transform their brand equity into revenue.

Consumer Electronic Brands ranked by 2019 Revenue in Crore INR

Chinese companies have taken a leadership position in crucial consumer electronics product categories in a short period. Covid-19 has impacted the market participants (brands, distributors, retailers, and consumers) in a non-uniform manner. We expect this ranking to change significantly in the next 24 months.

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