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With Zero sales in April 2020 how do you evaluate performance for April 2021

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Due to Nationwide lockdown in 2020 from end-March to Mid-May, and state-wise lockdowns implemented from March 2021 (as Covid-19 next wave spread), it has been challenging to find the correct months to compare for business analysis.

March-April being the beginning of the summer season, it became an even bigger mystery to decode the performance of summer season products like Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Air Coolers, etc.

After deliberations, we concluded that June 2020 is the relevant month to compare with April 2021 till more data is available. This comparison provides some insight into how various consumer electronics products are performing in the E-commerce Market.

Consumer Electronics Product-wise performance (E-commerce Channel) April 2021 vs June 2020

Although the picture is a mixed bag, we can agree on some trends without much controversy. Summer categories like Air Conditioners and Refrigerators seem to have slowed down in April 2021. We expect the slowdown to continue till the lockdown restrictions are relaxed.

Television & DSLR camera categories continue to struggle. Product categories that have performed well in 2020 are starting to show signs of struggle - Trimmers, Mixer Grinders, Microwave Ovens, Rice Cookers, etc.

This post is part of our monthly update on the trailing three-month performance of Consumer Electronics products. To get a notification when a new post is available, subscribe to our Newsletter.

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