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Best selling Brand by category rarely changes during the first week of Amazon's GIF (Diwali Sale)

We looked at the hourly best sellers data of Kitchen Appliance and Small Appliance categories on Amazon during the Great Indian Festival (23rd to 30th of September 2022).

It is observed that during the first week of the sale, the Best Selling brand in a category hardly changes. For instance during Amazon's Great Indian Festival's first wave (September 2022), the Best Selling brand remained same for eight days for the following categories

- Air Purifier, Ceiling Fan, Chimney, Geyser, Hair Straightener, Induction Cooktop, Iron, Kettle, Mixer Grinder, Sandwich Maker, Hair Trimmer and Vacuum Cleaner (Refer Attached Image)

For Rice Cooker, the best seller brand changed from Prestige to Kent on the 8th Day. For Room Heater the best seller brand changed from Havells to Amazon Basics on 6th Day. And for RO Water Purifier, best seller brand changed from Kent to Blue Star on 4th day and then again changed on Day 5 and Day 8.

Best Seller brand during Amazon Great Indian Festival

Based on the above information we can believe in the following with a good degree of confidence. For each category, Amazon promotes one or two brands during the Big Sale events. The second brand comes into picture if the first brand fails due to various potential reasons - poor Deal on product, not enough stock, brand perception, category offtake etc.

Amazon tries to diversify the promoted brands across categories, so that a single brand doesn't become the best seller across many categories.

Brands with much lower recall value like Coway, Agaro, Vega & Lifelong are able to achieve the Best Seller ranking even when competing with traditionally strong brands like Bajaj, Prestige, Usha, Kent.

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