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In unit terms BBD 2022 was at par with BBD 2021. However value wise it was down by 19% for TVs

Big Billion Day (2022) was at par with BBD 2021 in unit terms for Television (TV) category - ref attached image. However, in value terms, the TV category saw a decline of 19%, mainly because of reduction in prices across brands and segments. For this comparison, three months (September, October & November) data was added and compared between 2022 and 2021.

Some brands saw decent growth while other saw major decline. Among the top brands Infinix (169%), MarQ (144%), Samsung (60%), Sony (43%), Vu (36%), LG (18%) saw decent growth. On the other hand Xiaomi (Mi) (-29%), Realme (-28%), Hisense (-65%), IFFalcon (-29%), Kodak (-25%), Coocaa (-20%) saw their share decline.

From January 2022 to August 2022, TV category witnessed a more than 10% decline even in unit sales terms (not shown in the image). This was mainly because of opening up of Brick and Mortar stores in 2022 in comparison to the Covid-19 waves last year and waning of pent-up demand.

So two things can be broadly concluded from TV category performance during the Festive season sale (BBD) in 2022. Firstly we have now come out of the pent-up demand of TVs which skewed the market in 2021 resulting in unit de-growth in the year 2022. And the impact of inaccessible Brick & Mortar stores on higher demand in Ecommerce channel is also now behind us.

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