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September 2022 was the best time to buy Samsung Television in 2.5 Years

Since outbreak of Covid-19 the consumer electronics market has been behaving in a non predictive manner due to volatility in consumer demand, erratic availability of raw-materials and labor, disruption in supply chains, instability in prices across the value chain etc.

However in September 2022, a drastic event happened in the Television market in India (refer graphs below). The consumer prices of Televisions touched its lowest since March 2020 across brands and screen sizes. Could this be the indicator that we have finally left Covid-19 behind?

As can be seen from the first graph below, Samsung' 55 Inch 4k Smart Television was available for as low as 45k INR (excluding any add-on discounts). This was the first time in 2.5 years that Samsung's prices in this segment were below 48k INR.

4k Smart 55 Inch Samsung Prices

Similarly 4k Smart 43 inch segment was available for as low as 29k (excluding add on discounts) for Samsung. This was the first time in 2.5 years that its prices fell below the 31k INR price point.

4k Smart 43Inch Samsung Prices

And the lower margin 32 inch HD Ready segment prices for Samsung, went down to 11k INR, the earlier lowest being 12k.

HD Ready Samsung 32 Inch Prices

On an average the TV prices went down by ~10% in September 2022. And since the T20 Cricket world cup and the FIFA 2022 world cup were in the pipeline, it had a multiplying impact on the Television demand.

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