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Tesla sold ~ 0.93 Million vehicles in 2021 and still has 18 million followers on Twitter

Mercedes and BMW in comparison sold about ~2 Million vehicles in 2021 and are sitting on 4 Million and 2.5 Million twitter followers respectively. Luxury sports car brand Lamborghini which sold only ~8.500 units in 2021, has 2.3 Million followers on twitter. Porsche which sold ~ 300k units in 2021 has 2.1 Million followers on Twitter.

Mass market brands like Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan don't even have a Million followers on Twitter. Luxury brands of Toyota, Honda and Nissan also struggle to gather followers on twitter.

The number of followers are directly proportional to online marketing performance of the brands. However the anomalous situation above, can not be completely explained by this.

Some may argue, that it is dependent on what is the Brand's Mission and Vision, Innovation in Brand's offerings, Brand's target customers, life stage of the Brand and many more variables.

While the market capitalization data of the Brand's is not shown here, Tesla's market capitalization is almost 8 times of Mercedes Benz and 6 times of BMW. And even after selling 10 times more cars compared to Tesla, Toyota's market capitalization is ~ 1/3rd of Tesla's.

With a good degree of confidence, it can be concluded that a Brand's twitter followers (or for that matter followers on other Social Media platforms) are proportional to its Brand Equity. The change in these followers can point to Brand's performance over a period of time.

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